Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website

Once your new website has been built (or if you already have one) it will need to be maintained. WordPress websites in particular need to be looked after carefully. WordPress itself needs to be updated and kept up to date, any themes or plugins your website uses also need updating and everything needs to be backed up regularly in case of the worst.

Backing up your website

Our typical backup procedure involves backing up all the files of the website to our systems. We also export all of the content of the website in xml format (as a secondary form of backup) to our systems. A copy of the websites database on the isp’s server is made and brought down to our systems. Where possible we also backup any theme settings that might be needed if the site needs to be re-built.

Sparticle have maintained websites for twenty years. We will ensure your website is kept up to date and also that there are backups kept of the site should the site need to be recovered.

Updating your site

After the backup is made the website can then be safely updated and so we update WordPress itself, all the plugins on the site and any themes.

WordPress and its components need to be updated on a regular basis as not doing so represents a security risk to your website as well as increasing the chances that the website will fail.

Editing your content

As part of our website maintenance contract we will edit your content for you if you wish or if you would like to do this yourself we will provide you with login details to enable you to do this.


The fee for website maintenance and updating is calculated based on the size of the website and how often the content needs to be changed. We charge an annual fee for this service. This can be paid at the start of the year or if you prefer monthly throughout the year.

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