Web Design

Sparticle can take you through the process of getting a new website. From managing the initial website setup through specifying its structure, designing the website and then developing it. Once the website is completed we can then optimise the website for search engines. After its complete we can take care of your website maintenance and social media management should you wish.

Initial Website Setup

To begin with you will need to purchase a domain name, we can help you decide what domain name/s to use. Once you decide on a domain name you will need web hosting to place your website on, we can help you select a web hosting company and hosting package that’s just right for you.
Having purchased your domain name/s and web hosting sparticle can build a landing page for your website to provide basic information while the main website is being built. Once you have this first stage complete its time to start dealing with issues such as e-mail accounts. We can advise and if need be help you set them up.

Specifying your new website structure

The process of specifying your new website involves a discussion where we draw up a menu structure for your website based on what content you need to put on the site and also what search engine optimisation goals you might have. Once you have the menu structure agreed the website can move on to the design stage.

Website design

After your website structure has been agreed the website can begin the process of being built. Some discussion will take place regarding the look and functionality of the website to ensure you get the site you want. After this we will prepare a sample home page of the website which will outline the overall design and style of the website. Once this home page is approved the website can go into development.

Development of your website

Once we have agreed a design and home page layout the next step is to carry that style throughout the website building each of the pages specified in the website structure and linking them altogether to form your new website.
Sparticle develops all new websites using WordPress a popular content management system developed by the WordPress Foundation.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Once your website has been built and goes live the next step is to optimise the website for the search engines. Some time will need to be dedicated to optimising the content on each page to ensure you get best results on Google, Bing and other search engines for the keywords you want to be found under. Because this stage can be time consuming it is an extra to the website development process and is billed separately.

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