Web Design

If you need a new website Sparticle can help, we can arrange purchase of domain names, hosting for your new website and any e-mail addresses you might need. Once the basics are setup we can discuss what kind of website you need before we go on to design and then build it.

Website Maintenance

Once your new website has been built (or if you already have one) it will need to be maintained. WordPress websites in particular need to be looked after carefully. WordPress itself needs to be updated and kept up to date, any themes or plugins your website uses also need updating and everything needs to be backed up regularly incase of the worst.

Social Media Management

Alongside your website you will also need social media to help you communicate your message. The various social media platforms can be a little daunting and difficult to setup and maintain. Sparticle can help you with setup and also what platforms to use. Once they are setup we can advise what content to put on them and if you would like manage the process of updating and maintaining them.

Sparticle specialise in building and maintaining WordPress websites for small businesses, organisations and individuals. Alongside this we can also provide social media management services to help you communicate your message more effectively.

How can Sparticle help?

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